Our advantages:

  • own programmers team and customization possibility for the specific needs of each organization
  • vibration and temperature measurement of key machine points in continuous time. Alerts for exceeding warning levels
  • alerts for exceeding warning levels
  • the machine mode is automatically included when a load on spindle is detected by the sensor (Poka Yoke solution - no possibility to pass work on a rotating spindle, not cutting a detail)
  • Bluetooth data collecting – no tampering with the machine
  • any language
  • Pareto OEE for your Continues Improvement events
  • idle vibration trend analysis
  • used for all types machines - not relevant brand new, old or unique one
  • available on Smartphone
  • 7 SECONDS & SPC modules
  • Lean Six Sigma competences and practical trainings

„One click, one entry, one check” & data digitalization

What questions can WeSenseAll® answer?

  • What is the overall equipment efficiency?
  • Where is my bottle neck?
  • What are the main reasons of downtimes?
  • Is my process capable to deliver right quality?
  • What is current process variation?
  • What is the condition of my machines?
  • When should I stop the production to replace wear parts?
  • When should I replace tools to be back in tolerance?
  • What is the status of production plan realization?
  • Which lot is overdue?
  • What will be the quality tomorrow?
  • Who from my operators reacts on time on production problems?
  • Is the all check lists fulfilled on time?
  • If I will not change anything, what profit can I expect tomorrow?
"Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway”
Geoffrey Moore

Value for our customers

The financial values from the implementation of the WSA® system vary depending on the client, his current situation, processes and work organization performance.

The system generates financial savings in the following areas:

  • increasing the efficiency of the use of machines and production lines working time - impact on OEE
  • replacing manual operations with automatic or semi-automatic data collection - saving on the number of employees
  • reducing the cost of poor quality
  • level of waste and shortages
  • costs of modifications, sorting
  • customer complaint costs
  • KPI digitalization in real time to manage performance