Real time data managing system to improve
your business performance


Preventive Maintenance reached by continuous monitoring the vibration and the temperature of given key machine elements.


We use Statistical Process Control over collected data to understand and correctly react on measured processes to improve quality and profit.


We need only this time to react and give you clear and verified information about next most profitable steps.

Real time data managing system to improve your business performance

Our mission is to increase company profits by providing reliable information on the state of process in the 7 seconds wherever you are






Why we want to implement WeSenseAll® systems?

The value that we pass to our customers is the effect of a combination of many moments and momentary factors in processes. They are ephemeral, occur in different places, at different times and quickly disappear from our memory. Capturing these moments and understanding the causal relationship between them is the key to efficiency and success in the process. The speed of response to these cases and anomalies can use the dormant potential in the organization, increase the value for customers nad generating greater profit for company.

We’ve created WeSenseAll® to help acheiving all these goals. Full implementation of our system providing benefits to end customers through the quality of products, and for company employees through less work and more effective cooperation with the system.

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