​Real time data managing system to improve
your business performance​.

Predictive TPM & OEE

Preventive Maintenance reached by continuous monitoring the vibration and the temperature of given key machine elements.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

We use Statistical Process Control over collected data to understand and correctly react on measured processes to improve quality and profit


We need only this time to react and give you clear and verified information about next most profitable steps

Predictive TPM & Pareto OEE

Own designed WSA system is working as electrocardiograph but dedicated to machines, equipment, production lines, regardless of type, manufacturer or age.

  • As a result of FMEA event, we mount sensors on key machines points.
  • By continuous monitoring vibration / temperature levels we proceed trends of given key machine elements.
  • When the WSA system algorithm detects a warning level or alarming trend, it sends alerts.

This type of machine failure forecasting class attitude is called Predictive TPM.

Additionally, the operator points by one click the suitable machine reason for down time, e.g. failure, retooling, waiting for the crane, etc.

Combining both functionality in to WeSenseAll® we deliver Predictive TPM & Pareto OEE data managing solution to increase our Customers performance.

WSA® sensors

Predictive TPM

Forecasting the occurrence of failures within the WSA system is carried out by continuous measurement of vibration and temperature trends. All anomalies, negative trends or exceeding warning states are communicated by alerts in the form of SMS or e-mail.

WSA® is used for all types machines – regardless of age, condition, or type of control.

What level of vibration, temperature does the spindle have?

What is the trend of table vibrations over the last weeks?

Predictive TPM idle analysis

WSA Predictive TPM

Information on the causes of machine downtime is collected through the interactive communication of the WSA system with the operator. They constitute the basis for multi-faceted reporting of the OEE indicator, among others using the Pareto OEE chart.

The following indicators are also measured: MTTR, MTBF


Idle percentage analysis of measurement differences.

What trends are for idle peridic vibration tests?

Are there any negative trends?

Pareto OEE

To measure real value added time we build Andon into the system which automatically measure micro downtime. The system calculate value added time only when sensor will detect the cutting load on the spindle.

When machine PLC provide information that spindle is running, but sensor will not detect load, this time is calculated by WSA as not value added.

data management

This way of machine mode data management give us Pareto OEE and any of detailed analysis. 

MTBR, MTTR KPIs ara also calculated.

How much time does the spindle cut effectively? 

How much time does disruption takes?

What kind of interference: changes, micro failures, waiting for the material, take real time?

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

SSP (SPC) is a system within the WSA® system for statistical process control collecting, analyzing and issuing alerts for designated measurement characteristics. Measurements are collected directly by the system or indirectly with the participation of operators in the following ways:

  • manual entry of the measured dimension with a personal terminal
  • downloading the dimension from the measuring tool and sending Bluetooth display on the terminal and confirmation.

The measurement can also be confirmation of the implementation of tasks according to any checklist. The system on the terminal displays the next action and the operator confirms its execution.

It can be used for activities:

  • starting the machine,
  • changeover,
  • visual assessment,
  • carrying out warehouse control,
  • conducting a 5S audit.

The qualitative assessment is presented immediately on the terminal. Qualitative alerts are sent by e-mail to the indicated system users in order to take corrective actions before the occurrence of non-compliance.

SSP is effectively used for Lean Six Sigma improvement projects.

4 steps SSP

Step 1

Production order identification

Step 2

Measurement of characteristics and saving to the database

Step 3

SPC analysis & quality alerts

Step 4

Displaying data in the. csv format for any other MiniTab analysis

7 SECONDS & Andon in WeSenseAll®

7 SECONDS is a system under WSA® used to manage production disruptions in order to make the right decisions regarding current stage and any improvement projects.

Anomalies are reported by the operator using a personal terminal in the form of an industrial smarphone in no more than 7 seconds, on the one hand assigning them to a given production order, its step in the production route, and on the other to a given support function.

The notification is automatically sent by e-mail to the given function of the organization.

4 steps 7 SECONDS & Andon

Step 1

Production order identification

Step 2

Disruption type and lost time identification

Step 3

Disruption management process

Step 4

Wastes Pareto, analysis Disruption & improvements status management